Welcome welcome welcome.

Lost Wasp Records is a Galloway based co-operative record label. We promote independent artists on a non-exclusive basis, and we are happy to say that we are learning as we go along.

We shamelessly choose acts based on whether or not we like them – commercial potential is not really in the equation, and none of us expect to get rich. Instead, we expect to produce a diverse selection of original music from real people, for whom songwriting and composition is an outlet for the stresses, joys and fascinations of daily life. Our acts are shop assistants, council workers, teachers, students, and all points in between: they bring their experiences and observations to bear on the music they produce.

If you’re sick of sterile, cellophane wrapped pop music, bland observation and committee-approved wardrobe jockeys, you might find something to tickle your taste-buds in our ramshackle gallery of ragamuffins.

Collaboration and mutual support are central to our ethos, so we have a shifting roster of acts depending on who’s working with whom at any given time: here is a selection of our current family.

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