Alan McClure

Lead singer with The Razorbills, Alan McClure has also released an album with the Mountain Sound Session, a group of Hull's finest session men and women.  The album came out in March 2014 and showcases some of Alan's more personal, darker material.  It's available here:
Everything is Fine (Until it's Not)

Alan is also a poet and an author: his first poetry collection, 'Ross Bay and Other Poems', is available here:
Ross Bay and Other Poems

His new collection, 'Alternative Endings and Other Poems', is available here:
Alternative Endings and Other Poems

His acclaimed dystopian sci-fi novel is available here:
The Choices of Molly Fortune

He also makes a damn fine pancake, but they are only available at his breakfast table on a Sunday morning and you have to put up with him shouting at the morning service on Radio 4.