The Cracked Man

The Cracked Man produces original foot-stomping, spine-tingling, brow-twitching, cheek-spasming, tea-dunking music that will leave you breathless but deeply satisfied.

The creation of singer and guitarist, Marcus Wright, and bouzouki player, Kim Ayres, The Cracked Man combines rock, blues, folk and even a smattering of punk influences, played on acoustic instruments.

Marcus and Kim met through a connection with The Mill Sessions at the Mill on the Fleet in Gatehouse, SW Scotland. Several times throughout the year a wide variety of amazing musicians perform there and are usually supported by a local act. Since 2010 Kim has been taking photos for the Mill Sessions Hall of Fame, while Marcus has been recording them. In August 2013 at the launch of this label, Marcus and Kim decided to contribute a couple of songs together as a one-off performance, and discovered they worked really well together. It wasn’t difficult to find musical influences in common and they were able to channel this into creating their own original music.

While Kim is more widely known locally for his artistic, storytelling photography and moody portraits, he was also, until early 2014, one of the driving creative forces in Scruffy Buzzards, with his bouzouki generating a distinctly different sound.

As well as being a singer-songwriter, and one half of Forty Four Blues, Marcus is also a sound engineer and has produced several records: including the forthcoming Razorbills album.

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