The Razorbills

Born of a pub session and still happiest when at one, The Razorbills are five musicians who produce an upbeat acoustic sound to back up lyrics of passion, rage and humour.

Described by fRoots magazine as ‘refreshingly individualistic’ and by R2 magazine as ‘definitely a band on the up’, The ‘Bills have a small but dedicated live following and have torn it up at festivals, pubs and clubs around the region and beyond. With one foot in the folk tradition and one tapping merrily in the pop tradition, the band are equally likely to make you stroke your beard approvingly or to bop round the dance floor like a mad thing.

Current line-up: Alan McClure, Harry Thomson, Michelle McClure, Jon Noad, Iain Mcleod
Discography: To Hell With Youth and Beauty (2012)
The Razorbills Like Everybody Else (2014)